The Ultimate New England Road Trip Travel Guide




I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. I’m particularly fond of road trips. And who isn’t? Just think about the last time you went on one! It was most likely also one of the most fun, memorable experiences you’ve had with your friends. Just picture yourself, somewhere in a stunning national park, surrounded by the tall, majestic forest, blue sky and sounds of birds chirping. You’re laughing with your friends, enjoying a cold beverage and taking in all the surrounding beauty. Later in the evening, you just might put on a campfire and make some s’mores!

At the same time, everyone who has had to organize something like that knows just how strenuous it can be. You have to not only research the place you’re visiting, but take into account everyone’s interests, preferences and budgets. See, I know just how exhausting all of it can be, and having to create an itinerary atop of that — well, it can be off-putting, to say the least. I know just what it’s like, researching for hours on end, going through one accommodation option after the other, only for everyone to find faults in your plan. It can quickly frustrate you, bringing a halt to your desire to even go anywhere. But this doesn’t have to be the case! This is no reason to give up on this fun opportunity to explore the world and create stories for a lifetime.

That’s why I’m here to tell you that you can skip all the boring, laborious planning steps. Because I’ve already done the hard work for you! If you’re looking for a fun way to create new memories, strengthen friendships, and explore the beauty of nature — you’re in the right spot. Because not only will you be able to do that, you can save yourself much of the hassle.

I happen to spend 17 days with some of my closest friends all around the New England states. We saw such incredible views, took on so many hikes, walked along beaches and deep forests. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime. And the whole time I was thinking — wow, this is so great, I just have to share it! It was just such a blast, I had to find a way for everyone to experience it. I’ve been to many road trips, and I can confidently tell you that this was one of the best.

That’s what led me to create the 17-Day East Coast Road Trip travel guide. Inside, you will find my tried and tested itinerary, alongside many other valuable things. I’ve laid out everything we did, including where to stay, restaurant recommendations and a lot of useful tips and tricks. If you’re looking for city life, combined with awe-inspiring natural beauty, this is the travel plan for you. This e-book will save you hours spent googling each place, devising the best route combinations, and worrying about not seeing everything. It frees up your time, which you can then spend around the campfire with your closest friends instead. You can just phone up your group and leave whenever the weather is nice, without having to worry about anything. Everything you need to know there — all the important monuments, beautiful sights, exciting hikes, tasty restaurants and much, much more. No more bad food or staying in unpleasant districts for me, please! I can honestly tell you I wish I had something like that before we started, because the planning was almost longer than the trip.

So, if the unrest around us has led you to crave some more of nature’s tranquility and exciting new experiences, this is perfect for you. Feel free to call your friends right now! Because once you’ve got the guide, you can be on your way the next day. I’ve done all the planning for you. All you need to do now is enjoy yourself. Are you excited?

Click here to find out more about this 61 page long guide, filled with all the information you will ever need. The experience of a lifetime is here, don’t hesitate to take it!


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