About World Nomac

In August of 2019, I decided to escape my “9 to 5” career and go after a life long passion of traveling the world, filmmaking, and content creation all awhile living a nomadic lifestyle.

At the time of writing this, I have traveled to 64+ countries and counting with my favorite places being: Lebanon, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal and New Zealand. Although I would consider those my favorite places, I have loved every country I have visited for their own unique reasons. I believe one day I would like to achieve the goal of visiting every country in the world, but I am in no rush to do this as travel should be about the quality of the experience vs. the quantity of places you have been.

My passion for travel was partially inspired by my older brother Cody Candee who has been to over 75+ countries as well as my dad who has been my biggest supporter on chasing my dreams.

In 2012, I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain which unlocked my love and passion (and absolute obsession) for traveling after getting a small taste of what this world has to offer. I ultimately found myself wishing I had more memories than just photos and quickly realized how much fun it would be to make some travel montages of my time in Spain to remember some of the experiences more clearly. As life went on and I returned from Spain, I stopped making videos because at that time I could not afford (nor had time) to travel due to finishing the university and starting a corporate job. 

In November 2017 after a couple years working in the corporate world, I went on a trip to a few countries in Asia and I created a couple YouTube videos. It was this moment that I realized how much I enjoyed making travel videos. The next question was how do I leave my corporate job and turn this into my reality?

After creating a plan to save up and quit my job during the succeeding 18 months (leading into August 2019), I quit my full time corporate job and began my journey as a full time creator. Fast forward 4+ years later, I have produced over 700+ YouTube videos and thousands of Facebook, Reels, and Tiktok videos resulting in over 1,000,000,000 (billion) aggregate views on all the platforms. (These are my stats as of March 2024.)

Most recently during the years of 2021 and 2022, I spent a large majority of my year (6 out of 15 months) touring the not-so-well-known country of Lebanon. I fell in love this this country for a number of different reasons including, but not limited to: the Lebanese hospitality, lifestyle, culture, the food, landscapes and vast amount of things to do in such a geographically small country. While I have spent my time here, I have had the pleasure to make many friends around the country as well as meet the love of my life – Mabelle Chedid

Mabelle is an incredibly talented woman from the country of Lebanon whom has built her diverse career from the ground up in the field of music (singing and song writting) as well as on-stage performance. Check out her music here

Mabelle and I had met in September 2021 and realized very quickly that we had something special. We had no idea how a singer and a travel vlogger could make a relationship work being on different sides of the world. But it did not take us long to realize that the love and special connection we had for each other was strong enough for us to find a way to make the relationship work. October 11, 2022 Mabelle and I got engaged in Doha Qatar. 

As I continue to build my online presence in the travel content world, my mission is that each piece of content I create will provide some form of value. The primary goal of my content is to change perceptions on how we all view the world. The world is a beautiful place and we all have so much more in common than society has us growing up thinking. As I explore each country, notice things like kindness, hospitality, and amazing experiences that are a common theme amongst my travels to various destinations around the world.  

Thank you for stopping by my website and wishing you the absolute best day and happy travels!

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