The Ultimate Lebanese Travel Guide – [E-Book]


Mac Candee, known as “World Nomac” on social media, has spent a large portion of the last 14 months exploring the incredible country of Lebanon with one of his closest friends, Fouad Assaf.

Together, they have utilized their knowledge of this country to carefully curate everything you need to know about Lebanon as a tourist coming to visit in this 80+ page book.


You’ll learn about:

  • Important Things to Know about Lebanon
    • Introduction to Lebanon
    • Arriving to Beirut Airport
    • Understanding the Currency Situation
    • Transportation in Lebanon
    • How to get a SIM card
    • How to find accommodation
    • Words to know in Lebanese Arabic
    • Foods to Try
    • Climate in Lebanon
  • City Mini Guides of the top cities and places to visit in Lebanon
    • 15 cities with things to do and restaurant recommendations
  • Itinerary Options
    • 1 – Week
    • 2 – Weeks
    • 3 – Weeks

Why is this guide worth purchasing…? Seeing a country through a local’s perspective is one of the most beautiful ways to experience what a country truly has to offer. Mac and Fouad have dove into the deepest corners, the tastiest restaurants, the most beautiful mountainous views, and the special experiences that Lebanon has to offer in order to provide you with the ULTIMATE LEBANON TRAVEL GUIDE.

8 reviews for The Ultimate Lebanese Travel Guide – [E-Book]

  1. Natalia Karantoni

    A great summary of Lebanon. I have visited Lebanon numerous times and this ebook still provides great details for our upcoming trip. The attention to detail and high quality photos are great. Thank you so much Mac and Fouad. It’s been a pleasure watching and supporting your journey from the start.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your purchase Natalia! And we are so happy and thrilled to hear that this book is helping you with your trip! Thank you for your continued support!!

  2. Marc

    One of the best tourists books i’ve ever seen! Everything is so detailed and well explained with high quality photos!!!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your purchase Marc and we are humbled and grateful for such a beautiful review!

  3. Majd emad

    Amazing work, and amazing country guide, thank you a lot it’s very useful!

    • admin

      Thank you for your purchase Majd! I am so glad to hear your feedback that you have found it useful! Wishing you an amazing trip 🙂

  4. Razane

    Loved the e-book! Especially the part that details itineraries. Really enjoyed every page of it!

    • admin

      Razane I am so happy that you loved the e-book! The itineraries took a lot of thought and effort to make sure we maximized each day’s time spent in beautiful locations around the country! Thank you so much for your purchase!!

  5. Rayan kilan


    • admin

      Thank you so much for your purchase Rayan! We really appreciate it and are glad you found it to be amazing!

  6. Rania K

    Love this guide! It’s well written and I love that a lot of the suggested places are linked to their instagram accounts. Can’t wait to be there, especially the beach clubs and night life stuffs and hikes. Thank you Mac and Fouad for all you are doing for Lebanon and Congratulations Mac for your first ebook

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your purchase Rania! I love to hear this feedback and am glad you have found the way we linked the IG accounts to be helpful! You are going to have a great time visiting all of these places!! We really appreciate all your support! 🙂


    First I would like to congratulate you Mac & Fouad on your first e-book.

    Loving everything about the
    e-book. It is so detailed, well thought out and organized. Thank you for all that you are doing for Lebanon 🇱🇧
    Thank you for sharing our beautiful country me being Lebanese/Armenian I am so proud.

    Khalas ya khayeee you are officially Lebanese 😀 we can see all the love you have for Lebanon and the for the Lebanese people and culture.. Like they say once you get a taste of 🇱🇧 you will always want to go back and in your case you will return forever 😉

    Thanks again Mac you are the best and thanks to the Legend Fouad and his enthusiastic personality and the knowledge the love for our country LEBANON.
    Lebanon is the beauty of the MiddleEast.

    • admin

      Hi Danielle, wow that is such an incredibly beautiful review. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it as well as your purchase! Lebanon is such a beautiful country and am very grateful to have been able to explore so much of it and cannot wait to explore more! Hoping more and more people will come and visit this hidden gem! I feel officially Lebanese too!! 🇱🇧 🇱🇧 🇱🇧

  8. Rob

    Mac goes into such detail with his work that things I didn’t even think of are covered. I took Mac and Fouad’s recommendations when visiting Lebanon in August ‘22 and felt like I didn’t miss a thing when I was there. Delicious food recommendations, incredible places to chill and swim, amazing cultural sights, and peace of mind wherever I went knowing what boxes to check so I didn’t leave feeling like I missed something!

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