18 Things to do in San Andres, Colombia

This island isn’t as well known to Americans, and it is a shame, because it has so much to offer. Today, I’m going to tell you all about what there is to do on this small paradise island, where it is and how you can get there. The tiny land around it also has an exotic appeal, so you won’t run out of fun things to do. I’ve had an amazing time exploring it, and I can’t wait to share my experience with you! I’ll tell you about 18 things you can do while there to enjoy yourself to the fullest. They aren’t ranked in any particular order, so make sure you read until the end to not miss anything!






1.Take a shared boat tour around the islands





This is a must-do, as it is a full day excursion, allowing you to see all the amazing nearby islands. It’s also very affordable – it costed us only $18.29 for a full day boat excursion from 10AM to 5PM. If you’re filming along the way, make sure to use a GoPro, because my camera got drenched in seawater from the waves as the boat traveled between islands.




2. Visit Johnny Cay island




The first stop on our boat tour has an exotic atmosphere, with crystal clear blue waters and palms everywhere. It’s a very spacious and fun place where you can enjoy the nature, take a swim and have a great time. We were welcomed with a Piña colada and a Coco Loco cocktail, so you can expect to have a pleasant, relaxing few hours there. You can also see iguanas in the wild, which are conditioned to eat food directly from your hands.




3. Visit the Mangroves (Manglares de Old Point)





This area allows you to see a nice contrast between the Mangroves tree species and the water, and the sea, and it’s a fascinating site if the water’s clear. Unfortunately, when we were there it was murky, but we still enjoyed seeing the different wildlife species there.




4. Visit the abandoned shipwreck






A huge ship was abandoned in the middle of the water space, and you can look at it from the outside. It’s not all too clear when this shipwreck happened as locals seemed to not agree on how long ago the shipwreck happened, but it’s fascinating nonetheless. The contrast between the decay of the materials and the crystal-clear waters is mesmerizing, so you don’t want to miss this spot.




5. Visit Cayo Acuario





This is a very narrow stretch of land with waves splashing from both sides, which makes it unique from anything I’ve seen so far. You can get a nice cocktail drink there for about $5, and enjoy the amazing island atmosphere.




6. Rent a UTV to loop around the island






Don’t underestimate this 26sq. Km (10 sq mile) island, because there’s a lot to see even just cruising around it. There’s a reason that around 67,000 people live there. The UTV is a great place to quickly circle the island and get a feel for its atmosphere just by driving around. It’s also really fun, so don’t miss out on it.




7. Visit the bottle cap art – near Parque Ecological San Andres





You can see an iguana, a stingray, a clownfish and some other animals recreated from bottle caps. These fascinating artworks are created by recycled materials, yet create a fun, vibrant experience for everyone walking by. Don’t miss out on them, because they will bring a smile to your face.




8. Get some fresh roadside coconuts






When you’re driving along the island, don’t forget to stop and get a coconut sliced right in front of you to drink from. It’s a nice way to add some more freshness in a sunny day, and there are vendors all around the roadside.




9. Visit la Piscinita



Sadly, this stop in our journey was destroyed by the hurricane back in November 2020, and is currently being reconstructed. Even so, it’s a cool place to jump from a diving board and swim around in the vibrant blue waters, so you shouldn’t miss it.




10. Visit Hoyo Soplador




This natural blowhole allows for water under high pressure to come out, and it’s fascinating. It’s a sight to see, as well as a place to appreciate nature’s wonders. You can also take some cool pictures. There are gift shops and music as well, so it’s generally a place where you can enjoy the island’s atmosphere.




11. Visit the furthest southern point for a great photo spot




When you get far enough down south, you can see some really cool nature and take some amazing photos with it. If you want some stunning shots, this is a great place to make them, so make sure you don’t skip it.




12. Go to I


You can find the location of this sign when you look for it on Google Maps, but aside from the fun, funky font, it’s also an amazing place to catch a sunset. It’s a cool stop for some pictures, while enjoying the ocean view right behind you. You can also get a fresh coconut on the way there to make the experience complete – mine was filled with a Margarita. If you’ve rented a UTV, you’ll only need to drive a few blocks to get there.




13. Yacht Rumba in San Andres




This is an all you can drink boat party, so if you’re a fan of the nightlife, this is the place for you. You can count on dancing the night away and having an incredible time. I highly recommend it, as it was one of my biggest San Andres highlights.


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14. Rent a private pontoon boat to tour around





I had the pleasure of meeting a friendly Colombian family with whom we went to the Yacht Rumba. They also invited my friend and I to join them on a full day on the water in a pontoon boat, and it was incredible. We got to cruise around, stop at different locations and overall have a relaxed, fun day together with new friends. This is an experience you can’t miss out on if you’re with a group, because it’s one of the most fun things you can do while on the island.




15. Visit the floating bars





One of the locations we stopped at with the pontoon was a floating bar, where you had to swim to get a drink. It’s really fun, and it’s a unique experience you can do if you’re anywhere in the area.




16. Go snorkeling




The water around San Andres is crystal clear, and filled with wildlife. It’s a shame to not make use of it and snorkel, because there’s so much to see. There are many different colorful fish that you can see more vividly when you toss a pair of goggles on and go down under.




17. See the Starfish (Estrellas del Mar)






When you go into the darker water areas, you can find these beautiful sea creatures. If you dive a bit deeper, you will be able to see them and even pick them up. It’s a very rare experience to find this species anywhere, so you should make use of it while you’re there.




18. Go Parasailing




This cost us around $50 per person, and it was so fun! It was my first time going parasailing, and I wasn’t disappointed. If it’s new to you too, you can compare it to paragliding – it’s very similar. You can see the whole island from above, and it’s very interesting to be that high in the air. Specifically, San Andres is known for their amazing 7 variations of water colors so there really is no better place to experience parasailing.




Closing Thoughts


As always, there are many more things left to experience in this paradise island of San Andres. We only spent 4 days there, and we had so much fun. I hope this list helps you in planning your trip there, and I hope you have as much of a blast as we did. San Andres has a lot to offer, so don’t forget to venture out and try things out. Overall, you can expect to have an exotic, entertaining experience, all while enjoying the beautiful nature around you. I hope you have a great time there, and I wish you happy travels!

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