Want to travel the world full time?

You have probably thought of traveling your entire life and how exciting it would be to travel for extended period of time. The challenge is, how do you fit these important goals into your life? For some, it is a summer on the road, or a gap year from the daily life, and for others, it is becoming a location indepedent remote worker. Whatever your reason, you came to the right place to find a plethora of resources that I have currated through my experiences, trials and errors specifically for you.

After spending tons of hours putting together what has worked and what has not, I have come up with some fantastic pieces of content which will help you jumpstart planning for weeks, months or years of traveling the world!

You will find the resources you need to begin your Full Time Travel Planning here.

This includes:

Full Time Travel Planning 101

In the following video series, I have put together a complete 20 Episode course which will provide you with a vast amount of information and resources. By the end of the course, you will have a full understanding of everything related to life on the road from A-to-Z. As an experienced traveler, I have countless hours of producing, filming, researching and defining the most beneficial areas that I see as important to setting up your life on the road.


The nomac method

For those who want to take their Full Time Travel Planning to the next level, we have created the only Travel Planning Course Workbook you will ever need: THE NOMAC METHOD. The Nomac Method is over 75 pages in length with direct actionable steps that tie into each episode's focus points and to-do items. Additionally, there is information and templates available in The Nomac Method that are exclusive to this book and are not included in the video series. We are so confident in The Nomac Method that we are offering you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with it. Still not sure? Get the first Episode's worksheet FREE here.


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